Meet Ragen

Ragen Wilfert is a partner and an integral part of our team at Comprehensive Estate Liquidations, LLC. He has more than 20 years of experience in the antique and interior design industry, along with, over a decade of experience in estate liquidations and buyouts. This has given him exceptional insight into how to better assist our clients.

Ragen’s experience owning an antique shop on fashionable Melrose Avenue has given him the knowledge of the value of furnishing and the ability to price them properly for the marketplace. He has extensive contacts and relationships with various buyers, dealers, collectors, and auction houses in the Los Angeles and surrounding areas.

Ragen received his Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design from the highly regarded Interior Designers Institute located in Newport Beach, California. As a designer, Ragen’s first step was to liquidate the clients existing collection and household. He was also responsible for sourcing rare and historical items for the projects he worked on. Ragen focused his career on both traditional and period design projects, with a passion for antiques and antique textiles. Sourcing for clients and his retail shop, Ragen gained extensive knowledge of art, antiques, and furniture, which would become invaluable as he entered the retail space and the area of estate liquidations.

Wish to discuss your estate liquidation needs with Ragen Wilfert? Please call us today at (310) 935-0688.

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