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For more than 20 years, our professionals at Comprehensive Estate Liquidations, LLC have been providing auction and consignment services throughout Los Angeles. An auction placement means that an item or items within an estate will be placed at an auction house. During an auction, items are sold to the highest bidder without reserve. An auction without reserve means that an item or items for auction can be sold for any amount to the highest bidder. Consignment placement refers to placing a particular item or items into retail stores. Typically, an item or items placed in consignment include but are not limited to: furniture, artwork, décor, jewelry, or clothing.

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  • Meet Ragen

    For over twenty years, Ragen has maintained strong relationships with major auction houses and consignment shops. For a decade, Ragen was the owner of a high end, Melrose Avenue, brick & mortar antique shop. This provided him a large client list of buyers and an extensive understanding of what items are valued at in the marketplace. In addition, Ragen holds a Bachelor’s degree in interior design.

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  • Over 20 Years of Industry Experience
  • Relationships with Consignment Shops & Auction Houses
  • Management of All Aspects
  • Extensive Knowledge of Antiques & Home Furnishings
  • Always Ethical Practices

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CEL helped me when I needed to turn around my Grandmothers' estate. They are very professional, prompt, and made the whole process easy and worry free for me.

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Typically, auctions are the best option when an item has not sold through an estate sale or, we believe that it would perform better in an auction setting. Because we have been involved in the industry for over 20 years, we have developed trusted relationships with many auction houses. Over the years, we have established professional and extensive relationships with numerous consignment shops. These relationships have been built on trust and successful sales. Whether you wish to auction off your item(s), or are looking to place your item(s) in a retail store, you can trust that we will provide you with the professionalism and efficiency needed to yield the most favorable results possible. Unfortunately, there are many companies involved in the industry that do not demonstrate the best ethical practices. Rest-assured that this is nothing like our professionals.